Serenity Circle - April 2020

Welcome to April's Serenity Circle.

As many of you know, one of my 'go to' places for peace and quiet is nature.  I love nature photography, but right now this door has been closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Making the best of the current situation

And so with travel restrictions, etc in place for unforeseeable future, I thought I would practise some still life photography instead.

I have to admit, I struggled with the desire to shoot indoors.  Much of my home is in the process of renovation and it's not very inspiring at the moment, but I was determined to push through despite this.

Colour matters

The colour red would not have been my choice for enhancing serenity in my still life photography normally.  Red is a colour associated with energy, danger, action and suchlike (gaaa, hardly serene), but I ran with what I had and hope I somehow managed to capture something of the still, quiet atmosphere that is so prevalent at the moment.

Appreciating the positives

Spending time with hubby has been one of the positives in this situation.  It's been really fine having him around more during the day and spending quality time together.  

I've also been reading a lot.  I'm a big fan of books and can lose myself for hours in a good book.  

As well as reading, I've been listening to music and singing along on my faithful old CD player.  I'm not a singer, but I enjoy singing and find it lifts my spirit.

Added to this, I've also been working on another blog called Encourage-1-Another, so I've been keeping pretty busy with my time.

Speaking of 'time'.... the days have been passing really quickly and seem to be merging one into another.  It's hard to believe we've been in lockdown for almost a month already.  I'm missing going out and about re: nature photography and drives out into the countryside.  Yes, I really miss these things but such is not even worthy to be compared with the bigger picture of what is happening in our world right now.  Staying at home is a very small price to pay in order to help save lives and protect our National Health Service.

And I'm grateful for every single key worker in the community.... across the country.... and beyond, and am praying for their safety and well-being every day because we are all in this situation together and we each have a part to play.

Covid-19 - We're in this together

In the meantime, I hope you are all keeping safe and well.  Take care, and until next month thanks so much for stopping by.

Next in the Serenity Circle is my good friend Iris Nelson, Metro Phoenix Photographer with her post Backyard Edition.  Looking forward to this post, along with the other girls' posts from  around the circle this month.  It's good to take a trip around the globe with each link up in the circle and I encourage any visitors to our websites to please leave a comment and let us know where you are from.  Such will really encourage us in these difficult days.  Much appreciated. 💓

About:  We are a collaborative group of photographers from various parts of the world - some working professionals, others hobbyists like myself.  The Serenity Circle represents a wide range of photography genres with the common theme being serenity moments experienced and captured during the past month.  This particular circle was established in April 2015 and is one of the longest running of its kind online.  It was set up by Nadeen Flynn, multi-genre photographer and teacher from Northern California.  

The Serenity Circle goes live on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.


Unknown said…
I know you have been in complete lockdown. I think the images you created are marvelous and do show serenity. The last image is so creative, Wendy. ❤️
Wendy said…
Thank you anon. The last image was one I captured a few weeks ago. I wanted to capture an image which reflected how I was feeling. The light wasn't the best but I didn't not want to record it.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe. Xx
Eileen said…
Very beautiful images, Wendy. I love the red, especially the subdued red tones. And I always love your photos that include books. This is such a tough time for so many. Stay well!
You made some beautiful images inside your home, Wendy! I love they all go so well with your words! I feel so blessed to live in the country and have a big yard that I can at least go outside a little bit (but it's been so cold, I haven't wanted to much). I feel for you being inside so much. Sending you my biggest hugs and I hope you stay safe and healthy! <3
Wendy said…
Thanks Eileem. I may do a series on books if the lockdown continues. It is indeed a tough time for so many. Xx
Wendy said…
Thank you Emily. Hugs to you likewise xx
Vesna Armstrong said…
Beautiful images in your lovely signature style, Wendy. You have definitely achieved serenity feel here and have shown that serenity can be of any colour.
I am also focusing on still life; I think we are both lucky that we pursue this genre of photography which helps us to carry on creating photos in this frustratingly forbidding situation we have all found ourselves in.
My days also seem to fly by, it's incredible how times goes fast at the moment. If you'd asked me before I'd have thought right opposite! I feel I need to spend less time at the screen and more time doing things, particularly reading books more.
Stay well and safe! xx
Wendy said…
Thank my so much Vesna. Yes, too much time on the internet is not good for us every day. There are definitely better things to do with our time. Totally agree.

I didn't take many still life tens with me when we moved, so I'm having to use everyday objects! Not what I want to use ideally.

Your own still life setups are beautiful. Wall picture beautiful that is. Looking forward to seeing more.

Take care xx