Serenity Circle - February 2020

Welcome to February's Serenity Circle.  

Sol 45

Now that I finally have an oven [it's a long story], I've been testing it out with some home baking when I've had the place to myself.

The joys of renovating

The past month has been a hive of activity.  We've had the plumber, plasterer, joiner, etc in and out of the house and hardly a day when we've had the place to ourselves.

Sol 45

On days when it's just been ourselves, I've breathed a sigh of relief.  Nothing against tradesmen (I'm grateful for the work they've been doing), but it's just nice to get some time in the home during the day without the noise of power tools in the background.

Making the place a home

Up until recently, all our belongings have remained packed away.... away from the dust that is ever present during a renovation project!  So now that our rooms are finally starting to take shape and it's a lot less dusty around here, I've started emptying boxes.

It's been a bit like Christmas!  Unwrapping items that I haven't seen in ages, e.g. lamps, books, pictures, photos.... familiar things that help to make the house feel more comfortable and homely.

"Home is the comfiest place to be."
- Winnie the Pooh -

Nikon 50 mm f1.4

A little bit of home comfort

I like the sense of things that are familiar.  There's something quietly serene about such..... as is the smell of fresh baking drifting throughout the house.  

 "Nothing says 'home' 
like the smell of baking."

So this is where I've found serenity this month in amongst all the chaos and activity of a home renovation.  I'm looking forward to finding out where Emily Hamson, Utah Photographer and Videographer has found a slice of peace and quiet this month.  Time to visit Emily with her post Serenity in the car.

About:  We are a collaborative group of photographers from various parts of the world - some working professionals, others hobbyists like myself.  The Serenity Circle represents a wide range of photography genres with the common theme being serenity moments experienced and captured during the past month.  This particular circle was established in April 2015 and is one of the longest running of its kind online.  It was set up by Nadeen Flynn, multi-genre photographer and teacher from Northern California.  

The Serenity Circle goes live on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.


Pam Douglas said…
These look so good Wendy. You're right, there is nothing better than the smell of something baking. Glad you are getting things back in order. Moving, remodeling, "spring"'s all a disruption!
Eileen said…
Love the little treats you baked! There is really nothing like homemade baked goods. Our house always starts to feel like home after we have cooked there! I'm glad you are settling in.
Lori McLellan said…
oh my, those are the sweetest little cupcakes! are the butterflies edible? they're so pretty.

I can totally relate to that feeling of having your house to yourself in between tradesmen. Our home really is our sanctuary and comfort place, so it really makes sense.

So glad you are getting some days of calm amongst the renos. It'll be worth it when it's done!
I can only image the chaos you’ve had going on during the renovation! I bet the quiet is deafening in a good way right now. And what a fun thing to have it be like Christmas morning as you discover boxes of all your old favorites! Hope you get all settled in soon!
Wendy said…
Yes, "disruption" is definitely a good description of what its been like Pam! At least now we have 3 rooms that we can use. We bedded down on our living room from early December until a week ago. It's just really good to have a bedroom again, and my living room is what it should be.

It's getting there but still a lot of work to do. Enjoying seeing before and after. A whole inner house renovation whilst living in it is definitely not for the faint hearted however. I never want to do it ever again!
Wendy said…
Thank you Eileen. It's definitely good to start settling in. Enjoying proper cooking again. Slow cooker's and the microwave oven are fine for the odd meal, but not every day, so chuffed to have a cooker again! Home cooking definitely makes it feel homely.
Wendy said…
Yes, I keep telling myself it'll be worth it when it's all done Lori.

The little butterflies are edible sugar paper. I left one out for the plasterer yesterday and I noticed he'd stomped the butterfly topper onto the floor!!!! Must not have realised. 😄

I totally agree.....home is a sanctuary and comfort place. Like nothing more than comingbhome, shutting the door behind me and getting changed into my comfy pj's before settling in for the night.

Wendy said…
It's been mighty fine opening boxes and discovering I've found something I'd forgotten I had as well Emily! I haven't opened them all yet. Still quite a few to open and organise, but getting there room by room.
eph2810 said…
I am so happy for you that your home is coming together. I love that you started baking. I need a new oven, and I want to bake again.
I love your scale - so awesome.
Thank you for much for sharing what brought you serenity this month. <3
NKAWoods said…
Wendy I’m so impressed you’ve continued to post all through your move. Love your cupcakes and your scale! Isn’t it wonderful when you can finally start to relax from time to time and enjoy your new home?
Wendy said…
Lol, my scale is missing the pan for the top! It's in another box though goodness knows why!!! Anyway, I've still to find out which box. Have another 16 boxes still to unpack.

I thought I'd never get my cooker Iris. There was such a carry on with the company who manufacture them. First, they sold the one we purchased. We weren't ready for it to be delivered and asked them to keep it until we were ready which they said was not a problem. We had to wait for another to be ordered which took it's time. Then the cooker was delivered upside down which damaged it. A replacement for the damaged cooker was arranged. The manufacturer sent an uplift for a 'fridge freezer' instead of the cooker. So we had to wait yet again for the proper item to be uplifted. In-between this, we finally received our cooker (right way up). There were dozens of phone calls and discussions in-between all this - some would make you want to give up the ghost I can tell you. They finally uplifted the damaged cooker which was sitting out in the hallway in the way of the tradesmen and a fire hazzard, so it was good to see it go.

Honestly, the poor communication these large companies have is dreadful. Terrible customer experience.

What a palarver.
Wendy said…
Meant to say, it was a terrible customer experience, but we had a great service from the company who actually sold us the cooker. Their assistant, Lynsey was terrific and deserves a medal. If it wasn't for Lynsey, we'd still be waiting for a new cooker!
Wendy said…
Thanks Nancy! It is indeed great to have rooms we can finally relax in. Loving Making It homely.

I think the Serenity Projectv has kept me sane in the midst of it was my little piece of normality 😄
Nadeen said…
Those are the cutest cupcakes! I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to see your kitchen coming together along with the rest of your home. You've been in this process for awhile so it's got to feel good!
Wendy said…
Thanks Nadeen! Two months of everything upside down, so can't tell you how good it is now it's coming together. We're used to renovating, but not whilst living in the same property! That has certainly been a challenge.

Ready for a new challenge now.