Serenity Circle - December 2019 (plus feature)

Welcome to December's Serenity Circle.  

This month has been extremely busy.  Hubby and myself moved house at the beginning of December and it's been all systems go ever since.  Fair to say I've craved serenity in-between the busyness of packing, moving and preparing to renovate our new home.  I have to admit, it feels like life's a bit of a blur at the moment!

Earlier in the week, I headed to the beach.  It was real fine taking some time out from all the work that needs to be done just to focus on something entirely different.

The weather looked promising when I left the house, but within 20 minutes or so clouds began to form - thick, dark rain clouds!  Fortunately, I made it back to the car just in time to avoid a soaking, but others further along the beach were less fortunate!

It certainly felt good to have dodged the deluge and to sit for a while watching and listening to the rain pounding on the roof of the car before spilling down the windows.  It was kind of serene in a way being wrapped up cosy and warm on the inside while the weather whipped up a chillingly cold rain storm on the outside.

Well this sums up December for me so far.  It's definitely not as festive as normal in my home outwardly due to the aforementioned circumstances, but inwardly I feel very blessed and at peace reflecting on the greatest gift of God's love to mankind.  Whether you believe or not, I wish you a happy holiday shared with friends and family.

Photo composite - Sol 45

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Photo of the week - top 5

Happy Christmas 2019 from my home to yours. Wow! I can't believe I'm saying this.... at the point of writing this post I haven't even begun my Christmas shopping yet, lol!

We are much smaller in number this month but still happy and willing to share.

Next in the circle is the multi-talented Emily Hamson, Northern Utah photographer and videographer with Serenity in the Snow.  I'm very much looking forward to Emily's post after which we're off to South Texas to check out where Eileen has found serenity moments this month. Can't wait! 

About:  We are a collaborative group of photographers from various parts of the world - some working professionals, others hobbyists like myself.  The Serenity Circle represents a wide range of photography genres with the common theme being serenity moments experienced and captured during the past month.  This particular circle was established in April 2015 and is one of the longest running of its kind online.  It was set up by Nadeen Flynn, multi-genre photographer and teacher from Northern California.  

The Serenity Circle goes live on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.


Eileen said…
Beautiful image, Wendy! I love what you did here. I am so sorry this month has been hectic for you, but I definitely understand!!
Wendy said…
There is no-one better understands than you Eileen. Between us, we've clocked up a fair few moves! Tee hee.

At the moment, I have a plasterer in prepping our main bedroom for plastering tomorrow. Apparently, there will be 5 of them working on that room tomorrow! Ha's Not so big really as warrants 5 and I believe 2 are apprentices. Not the best time of year for such, but we're desperate to move our bed out of the living room so we can move around a bit better in there! So looking forward to decorating our room and having at least one room finished in time for Christmas. Have a feeling that may not happen until after Christmas however. We will have to see. Xx

I haven't even unpacked much yet and will do so room by room as they are finished.

Amy said…
This is gorgeous Wendy! I hope your world calms down soon and “normal” returns for you. Hang in there, it’ll come. ❤️
Wendy said…
Thank you so much Amy. It's going to be some ride for sure!
Nadeen said…
We just never know how life will unfold no matter how well we plan! I know your new home will be just as you like it in no time!
Wendy said…
It will take a little time Nadeen but be worth it when its complete. It's nothing we haven't tackled before. One room has already been plastered and will soon be ready to decorate. One room at a time. Reminds me of something my mum used to ssy, i.e. "Rome wasn't built in a day."

hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas. Xx
Emily said…
This is such an amazing image, Wendy! I think I could stare at it for hours! So many layers and things to discover in it!
I'm so glad you got moved in to your new place, and wish you the best with unpacking and making your new home feel like home! Good luck with getting preparations done for Christmas. And wishing you a very Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season!
Wendy said…
Thank you so much Emily! I thought I'd try my hand at a composite. I was hoping to these would be seagulls at the beach that day but there was no sign of any. There were some fab clouds forming quickly before the deluge which I thought looked interesting.

Haven't unpacked much yet as we care starting to update the interior. It's a bit chaotic working around boxes, but hey ho! Can't wait til it's finished.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas too. Xx