Whooper swans

 "Hear the music,
the thunder of the wings.
Love the wild swan."
 -- Robinson Jeffers --

Spotted these amazing Whooper Swans flying along the coastline near the village of Sandhaven a fortnight ago.

The sound of these birds in flight is amazing.... like a loud swooshing noise.  Amazing creatures.  Beautiful, powerful.... with thunder in their wings - definitely sounded like it!

Update: thanks Aberdeenshire in Colour for sharing my photo.  It's been shared by members 69 times!


Jillian said…
This is so incredibly beautiful Wendy! A new favourite of mine. Those swans are amazing and such gorgeous light and composition too. Stunning work!
Wendy said…
Thanks so much Jillian. I haven't used my lens since this image! The weather has been so bad. I've only taken about 6 images with it so far. All in the same location. Wish the weather would improve so I can practise some more.
Becky said…
Holy moly! This should be printed super big Wendy! I
‘M not kidding I think his is the best image I have seen of yours and I love your images, but wow zeros!
Wendy said…
Thanks so much Becky! You made my day 😊
Becky said…
Haha spell check changed wowzers to wow zeros! Your so welcome it is outstanding!
Wendy said…
Ha ha Becky! Kindle word fill does similar and drives me nuts 😬 I tried switching it off but it reverts back to "on" every time Kindle updates. 😝