Rainy days

These past few days, the shire has been hit with some of the worst flooding in years.  Many of the older generation say they cannot remember heavy rainfall like it!  Seven bridges across the shire are known to have collapsed and many more are being assessed on the grounds of safety.

Hubby and myself were caught in the flooding ourselves on the way home from Huntly.  Thankfully, we managed home safely after quite a few detours but many others had their car engines flooded and had to abandon their vehicles in the middle of the floodwater.  Not fun!  

The above image was captured two days later.  In most parts, the water had receeded, but there were still heavy showers on/off all day.  


Vesna Armstrong said…
How very beautiful! Wonderful image, Wendy!

Sorry to hear about the disastrous flooding. Mother nature is not always kind to us unfortunately. xx
Wendy said…
Thanks so much Vesna! The flooding subsided pretty quickly considering but it was scary traveling. Certainly wouldn't have been out in it if it hadn't been necessary.