Serenity Circle - August 2019

Writing this month's serenity post, I am keenly aware of how close we are to the start of a new season.  With autumn just around the corner, I'm already beginning to anticipate the simple joys this time of the year affords.  Some of the things I look forward to include:

  • Watching fall leaves swirling in the wind.  There's a thick canopy of trees not far from our house and it's amazing to witness this spectacle unfold when the weather turns windy.  Quite often the wind blows leaves past the windows and drops them into the garden before teasing them high up into the sky and out across the open fields - mesmerising!

"Autumn is the season 
to find contentment at home
by paying attention to what 
we already have."
-- --

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  • Homemade soup served with warm crusty bread - especially enjoyable after a long walk in the colder weather.  I make a point of trying a couple of new soup recipes every year, as well as repeating old ones.  My favourite last year was Sweet Potato and Butternut Quash
  • P & P!  Hubby and myself enjoy driving out into the countryside and looking for a gorgeous spot to park and picnic.  I'll pack the picnic basket with all sorts of autumnal goodies to enjoy, e.g. homemade pumpkin soup, spicy bean wraps, a selection of nuts and berries.  Autumn picnics are a really fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  
  • We have a new rocking bench in the back garden and I'm really looking forward to sitting outside in the evenings toasting marshmallows on the fire pit and drinking hot chocolate under star-lit skies - heavenly!
  • Listening to logs crackling in the log burner and watching the flames leaping up the chimney.  I love the warm and cosy atmosphere a log burner creates in the home.
  • Changing into PJ's and soft fleecy socks after a hot shower in the evening and afterwards curling up on the sofa watching a good movie - bliss!
  • Snuggling up under a warm duvet with a good book.  I tend to purchase e-books throughout the year and download and store them on Kindle.  This gives me something to look forward to on quieter evenings.
  • Lying in bed gazing up at the stars.  We're very fortunate where we live because there's very little light pollution resulting in a clear view of the sky at night.  Sometimes we're privileged to witness the Milky Way, a shooting star/s and even the aurora on special occasions.
  • Listening to the owl hooting gently in the woods nearby before falling asleep all cosied up under the duvet cover.  

These are just some of the things I associate with autumn, and the best of it is, none of these things are expensive proving you don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy a little serenity and pampering.  Roll on autumn.... I'm ready for it, especially after a long and sometimes blistering hot summer.  I enjoy summertime, but I'm most definitely an autumn kind of girl at heart.  How about you - what's your favourite time of the year and why?

Next in the Serenity Circle this month is my good friend, Maibritt, fine art photographer from Houston, Texas.  As always, I'm really looking forward to what Maibritt and the girls have to share this month.


About:  We are a collaborative group of photographers from various parts of the world - some working professionals, others hobbyists like myself.  The Serenity Circle represents a wide range of photography genres with the common theme being serenity moments experienced and captured during the past month.  This particular circle was established in April 2015 and is one of the longest running of its kind online.  It was set up by Nadeen Flynn, multi-genre photographer and teacher from Northern California.  Nadeen has since stepped aside from the circle and moved on to other ventures both online and beyond and we wish her all the very best.  The Serenity Circle goes live on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.


NKAWoods said…
Wendy, you and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to the things we love about Autumn. It won’t be here for quite a while in Kansas City - maybe two months - but you made me long for it.
Wendy said…
Autumn is just a few weeks or so away here Nancy, but the trees are starting to show signs of changing colour in some parts of the shire. The nights are definitely getting longer and darker much earlier.
Eileen said…
I love everything about autumn and I love living in a place where we get to experience it, after living in places so long where we didn't. We will start to see cooler weather around the beginning of October. Last year I loved seeing the leaves change, and going apple picking! I love Halloween and the feel and smell of the air. And we have an outdoor fire pit now, I hope we will use it this autumn! Who doesn't love this season? The only problem is it's too short :/

Beautiful post, Wendy!!
Wendy said…
Thanks Eileen. Hope you enjoy autumn this year in your new location. Apple picking sounds really good as well.
Nadeen said…
I am an Autumn girl, too. Loved reading your post! We won't have fall color nor cool temperatures for a couple of months here so I'll just drool over your images!
Wendy said…
Thanks so much Nadeen. We have gone from temperatures in the 30's to between 10 and 15 degrees centigrade this past week with it going as low as 6 degrees centigrade in the evenings. Definitely a chill in the air! I love autumn colours, but not the temperatures at night!!! However, such makes for gorgeous night skies.
Joan Showers said…
Wendy, your vision of fall along with all the cozy images makes me yearn for cooler weather. It’s 92 degrees here today and unpleasant lhumid. Thanks for all the visuals and reminders of what to anticipate in a few months.
eph2810 said…
I love your colors in the first collage; so inviting and warm.

I wish we would live in an area where we can enjoy 4 seasons; we only have too, really - hot and not so hot (haha). I do love the winter here, because the temperatures are in the 60's and we don't have to shovel snow. If I lived in an area where you actually have seasons, I would say Spring is my favorite. In Germany, Spring is full of new beginnings, the air is still fresh during the days, and cold enough at night so snuggle in a big blanket.
Wendy said…
Oh Joan, I empathise re: the heat and humidity! We had days this past summer when the humidity was really high and it was so tiring and unpleasant. I can cope with dry heat, but heat along with humidity is just not my thing either. We are not used to such normally here in the UK, so we were totally unprepared for it. I was afraid to take my camera and lenses outside when it was like this because the atmosphere was so moist. I am so glad you will experience cooler weather shortly.
Wendy said…
Thank you so much Iris. Love your description of two seasons, ;D lol!

We had the "Beast from the East" a couple of years ago and I had to shovel a lot of snow during this time. I remember it well. Hubby and myself both had flu (real flu) and were in bed with it. However, I felt a little better than hubby and had to take the dog outside. I was so weak, that when the dog (still a puppy in training at the time) pulled on his lead, I fell headlong into a pile of snow!!! I am so glad the snow was deep that day because I could have been injured had it not have been. I had to shovel snow off the paths and from around the doors and windows it was so deep. Not a good time as I remember. Would have been okay had we not had the flu.

Spring in Germany sounds good. I would love to visit Germany some day. Hubby was based there with the army many years ago and loved it.
Jillian said…
Oh Wendy, such beautiful images filled with gorgeous light and colour and your words just transport me! Can I come and stay please? :-) This post makes me so excited for autumn (already my favourite time of year) and gives me so many ideas for some new autumn traditions with Little Miss!

Autumn is normally when we stop going to the beach or river and instead spend our time walking along an old railway track in the mountains which has been converted into a path. We cross over and under old viaducts and the ground is covered in conkers. The paths are lined with ferns and moss, which we don't get here near the coast. I even enjoy the mist and rain at this time of year, after the scorched earth of summer.

Your images blow me away and I really can't wait to see how you capture your surroundings this autumn! Thanks so much for sharing Wendy. :-)
Wendy said…
Thank you so much Jillian. I have been going through a period where I've been questioning my photography. Whilst I like whimsical, I think I prefer the more natural look when it comes to photography and I think I may steer away from whimsy to concentrate more on natural moody themed work.

We live close by a railway track that has likewise been converted into a pathway. It reaches for miles in either direction. This is where I do most of my nature photography, so I don't have to go far from the house either. It's also a favourite place to walk the dog.

I too love the rain and mist. It looks even more incredible however in the mountains - something that we don't have close by, but where I'm from originally (west coast of Scotland) the mountains look amazing in the mist and rain even. I'd love to venture across and photograph such.
Anonymous said…
Delightful post and images. Reminds me of the Danish Hygee concept.
Wendy said…
Thank you Anon.
Lori McLellan said…
Beautiful writing Wendy, your words clearly brought Fall into my mind. As much as I hate to see summer come to an end, I love the cozy feel of Fall and the warm colour that go along with it. Your images have such rich and warm tones, very Autumn like!
Have you ever made Hamburger Soup - it's one of my favourites.
Wendy said…
Thanks so much Lori. I enjoyed shooting these images - although not all this past week.

I have never made Hamburger Soup. This is the first time I have heard of it, but it sounds really interesting. I went online and searched and came up with a recipe by The Pioneer Woman here:

Love watching Ree Drummond on the TV Food Network. This is definitely one soup recipe I will try as one of my newbies for this autumn. I will let you know when I cook it and how it goes down here. I imagine this is going to be a favourite! It looks really good. Thanks so much for sharing - appreciated. :)