Ladybird and the three amigos

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I look at this image, and I just think "three amigos!"  I don't know why (other than the number 3 here) but this is what comes to mind, so that's what I'm calling this post.

It's a horrible rainy day here (again) today and I'm not getting outdoors to photograph anything.  I've still got the most horrible head cold and sinus infection, so I'm quite happy to remain indoors in the warmth, but I feel the need to photograph something!  Anything.... apart from still life that is! I'm just not in the mood for still life at the moment, so I'm not going to force that.  I do have some white lillies, but white lillies just don't inspire me.  

What do you do when factors outside your choosing halt you from doing what you want to do photography wise?  Do you try to force things in order to make a photo opportunity?  Or do you remain patient and wait for an opportunity to arise?  Interested to hear your thoughts on this matter.