My favourite colour is sunset

Final edited version

My favourite colour is sunset."
-- Unknown --

Pullback of the location during sunset

Someone contacted me on Instagram and asked if I would show a "before" and "after" image, so here's a sample. The before image is SOOC.  The after image was edited in Lightroom first and polished off in Photoshop.  This particular image didn't require a lot of editing - apart from a change in colour tones, a horizontal flip, plus a couple of overlays added in Photoshop and it was good to go.

I could have stayed true to the original cooler colour palette━although I'd have lifted the shadows slightly if I had done so to reveal more detail━but this wasn't quite the vision I had in my mind for this photo.  I wanted to create something with a warmer, slightly glowy, mysterious ethereal atmosphere.  Ha ha.  I think I may have overdosed on David du Chemin's .pdf book "The Visual Voice"!!!

The angle I shot from was slightly above the Queen Anne's Lace pointing downwards - although not too far downwards, but enough to keep the haze from the sunset entering my lens and overpowering the image.  I'm not a fan of too much haze - at least not in my own images that is.  I also had to stand on my tippy-toes to capture the photo from this angle - the one and only time I'd happily have swapped my comfy walking shoes for a pair of my high heels!

For another SOOC plus edited version, please click here: SOOC plus Lightroom / Photoshop edit