Beautiful things in humble places

"Blessed are those who see beautiful things 
in humble places where others see nothing."

-- Camille Pissarro --

Since taking up nature photography, I am learning to take the time to look - and I mean really look around me when I'm outdoors.  So often we overlook things--beautiful things--as we go about our daily lives.  Like when was the last time you noticed raindrops clinging to a plant, or a delicate spider web blowing in the breeze?  Often these things are right there in front of us, but for whatever reason, we don't perhaps notice.

I'm going to dare set you a challenge!  The challenge is to make a conscious effort to look around you when you are out and about this week and count how many beautiful things you can spot in places you would perhaps not consider giving a second look to previously.  If you are anything like myself, you may just surprise yourself!