The arch

Captured this image during a 2 week photography class.  The light varies in intensity at different times of the day and year at the spot I took this image but always looks particularly stunning early in the morning.  At the moment the leaves are starting to turn and their autumn colours look beautiful.


Jill Wasiewicz said...

Such gorgeous images Wendy! I love the colours in the first and that beautiful bokeh in the second! It does look like such a lovely spot. Which class are you taking?

Wendy said...

Taking Jyo's course 'Capturing Mood'. It finished tomorrow (7th). Haven't gone through all the BO yet..... still have the videos and self portrait work to get through. Been feel It unwell the last few days and fell behind. Will give me something to study over the next week or so. Reminds me, I still have a video to download!!!