27 August 2018

Short photo walk with the Helios 44-2

Headed off with Finlay for a walk along the path late this afternoon and let him do his usual sniffing around the bushes and shrubs as he likes to do.  Took my camera along and captured a few images whilst en route.

It's difficult to see the images properly on the back of the camera's preview, so it was nice to see them enlarged on the computer screen when I got back home.  I love the unusual bokeh effect in the image above - kind of reminds me of a similar effect that can be achieved using the new Lensababy Sol 45.  

This image was taken using an old vintage lens - the Helios 44-2.  This particular lens is a manual focus lens and with a little practise, it's a really nice lens to use.  It's small, reasonably light and perfect for using if you are out and about for a walk.  Could definitely become a firm favourite of mine.  

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