Serenity Project - July 2018 - Collaborative Project

"When you arise in the morning, 
think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive -
to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love." 
Marcus Aurelius

Unplug from everyday living

Enjoyed a nice break away recently in a really peaceful location not too far from home but far enough away to enjoy the change of scenery. The lodge we booked was a converted mill dating back to the 18th Century bursting with character and old-worldly Scottish charm.

Whilst we were away, we visited a few places not too far away from where we were staying - mainly villages and small towns, as well as going for leisurely walks in the surrounding countryside with Finlay, our pet Labrador.  Later, we relaxed back at the lodge and enjoyed soaking up the peace and quiet. As you can see, we enjoyed a restful time and can't wait to do it again some time.
"The art of doing nothing without being bored."

Peace and quiet - the boys are relaxing and now I have peace to do what I love - i.e. photography.

So it was raining one afternoon, but who cares when all you want to do is listen to some fine saxophone music, read books or drink leisurely cups of tea (or in hubby's case, a few beers). 🍺🍺

Finlay was well behaved at the lodge.  We're fortunate he also travels well... in fact, I've been known to ask hubby if he "definitely put Finlay in the back of the car" because he never makes a sound whilst we're travelling!

These knitted partridges looked like they'd be fun to knit!  There were quite a few knitted items dotted around the lodge as well as some gorgeous antique ornaments.  I don't knit myself, but who knows - maybe this could be a hobby in the future.  The carved granite plaque on the wall behind reads "ANO1644."  Presumably ANO is short for the Latin term "Anno Domini 1644" ("In the year of our Lord 1644").

Above: Buttons and frills.... these cushions designs are really bonny.  Below: A wall painting which took us by surprise when we entered the large sitting room.  There is also another painting behind the television which looks like a winding staircase.... really cleverly painted and looks like the real thing.  Had me fooled in the brochure because I wondered where it led to?  The current owner apparently thought the same when she first seen it!

Below: Scrabble is one of my favourite board games but for some reason, I only ever play it whilst on holiday.

As well as relaxing, I spent some time playing around with my Lensababy Sweet 35 - a fiddly lens and a bit strange looking, but fun to use.  I reckon it's going to take a bit of practice to totally get to grips with this lens because at the moment, it's a bit 'hit and miss', lol.  Not helped by the fact that I'm short-sighted!!!  Wonder if you can you spot the images captured with this particular lens?

Although we weren't up for fishing or sport, the lodge was geared up for complete relaxation as well.  The owners were close by if we needed anything, but completely respected our privacy.  Great place to stay if you want an active or quiet holiday because it caters equally to both. 

Above: Loved the changing light at different times of the day - particularly in the conservatory.  Below: A reminder that we are staying in a lodge!  Noticed similar antlers for sale in the nearest town just a few miles away.  

The time past really quickly and before long it was the night before returning home.  Lights out and time to head for bed!  We had an early start the next morning and still had packing to do.  Hope you enjoyed viewing these photos as much as I did taking them. Thanks for visiting.

Wouldn't normally have such a lazy holiday as usually visit all the tourist sites when in holiday,  plus we usually head off much further afield, but this was a pleasant change.  What do you consider an enjoyable break? Action packed or otherwise? I'd love to hear  from you.

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