Serenity Project - June 2018

Welcome to June's Serenity Circle.  This month I found relaxation practising still life photography and combining it with another hobby, i.e. papercrafting!  Still life has become my favourite photography genre since completing a workshop earlier this year.  At the moment, I'm enjoying exploring old-worldly vintage themes which I adore, so it was fun making my own vintage style papers to use alongside.

By making my own papers, I was able to choose the colours and theme to suit what I had visualised the end result to look like. An added bonus is I've saved a fair bit of money because purchasing vintage papers online or in craft shops can work out to be pretty expensive!

Sample papers only
How to:

First, I searched "vintage papers" using Pinterest.  The search brought back loads of websites which offer free downloads. After printing, I added tea stains and gave the papers a slight crumple so they looked even more tattered and aged visually. If you like, you can change the paper colour by printing on coloured paper or adapting the colour in Photoshop before printing.  You can also experiment using different types of paper, e.g. parched, etc to create additional texture.  Above, I used Photoshop to add deeper colour and printed the images using plain white good quality printing paper.

Next in the circle this month is Tiffany from Tiffany Kelly Photography  Tiffany is a portrait and fine art macro photographer from Atlanta, GA.  She is also a photography mentor and teacher both online and in person.  Please click here to visit Tiffany and continue to follow the circle around for more serenity moments.