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Serenity Project - May 2018

We all need something we enjoy to transport our lives out of the ordinary - somewhere special we can go to unwind and rid ourselves of the stresses of every day life.  For me one of those places is photography. I've had a blast this month shopping for props, setting them up and arranging my lighting to capture the images in my mind. I hope you enjoy what I have to share in the Serenity circle this month.

"Find that magical place in your life and live there."

Next in the serenity circle this month is my lovely friend Iris from Iris Nelson Photography, Metro Phoenix.  Please click here to find out where Iris has found serenity this month.


These are just lovely, Wendy! I especially love the first image- beautiful tones and light. And I always love images containing books :) Beautiful still life images.
Wendy said…
Thank you Eileen. Get so engrossed in still life and lose all track of time.
eph2810 said…
Oh Wendy, your images are just so beautiful. I love the use of light in your images; just beautiful.
Lori McLellan said…
So lovely! Those sterling silver containers are gorgeous! And I love stocks - I just bought some myself, they were one of my mom's favourite flowers so I try to plant some every summer. They smell so yummy, don't they?
Wendy said…
Thank you Iris. I have a little room I use for still life and there is just enough light at certain times of the day to capture images.
Wendy said…
Thank you Lori. I purchased the sterling silver props at a local charity shop. The stock's do smell gorgeous. They are really pretty. I have them in a jug vase in my porch. I love that you plant them every summer. I would like to plant pheonies in memory of my mum and dad. That and lupins and pink roses. Mum loved pink roses.