6 April 2018

My vintage treasure

Excited to share these vintage-style images I took of an old black and white photo of my mum and dad on their wedding day.  I really want to create something special in their memory.  Mum's favourite colours were pink and cerise which I incorporated into the story.  Hoping to capture more images when I get a chance to go through more old photos and afterwards create a family heirloom photo book.  I haven't edited the other images yet, but this is a little sneak preview.

The vase in the background is one I picked up at a charity shop recently for a bargain costing £1.50. I love to browse in charity shops for photography props and inspiration. It's amazing what you can find if you take time to look around.


Anonymous said...

Really lovely

Wendy said...

Thank you Anon!

Jill Wasiewicz said...

Wendy these are beautiful! Such a wonderful tribute to them! Your use of light, colour and composition just gets better and better...so wonderfully done!

Wendy said...

Thank you Jillian. I really enjoyed creating these images in memory of my late mum and dad.

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