Serenity Project - February 2018

Welcome to February's Serenity Circle. The Serenity circle is a collaborative project consisting of a number of multi-genre photographers from different parts of the world who come together on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and share images relating to peace and tranquillity.

I have to admit, I was almost caught unprepared this month.  I didn't realise the 3rd Wednesday of the month was almost upon us until late this afternoon!  Time to head outdoors.  Fortunately, I knew where I was headed, i.e. not far from the house to a spot where I noticed these gorgeous little snowdrops growing along the the banks of a stream a few days ago. It was a little dark under the dense tree canopy, but there were lovely little patches of warm light here and there which I took advantage of. 

I really love snowdrops.  My father used to grow them in the garden in an old disused water pump under my bedroom window.  Whenever  I see these little flowers, I think back to those childhood days and remember them fondly - especially the first signs of them peeking out from under the snow.

Next in the circle is the very talented Eileen from Eileen Critchley Photography, San Antonio.  Just click here to follow the circle around and enjoy more images brought to you this month. 


Nadeen said…
Oh, my! I cannot tell you how much I love this! So serene. I can image it being such a quiet, beautiful area that just draws you in. So very inspiring!
Wendy said…
Thank you Nadeen! It was a balancing act trying to walk between the moss covered stones (which were a bit slippy) and trying not to step on the snowdrops, but I made it out in one piece and didn't trample any of the flowers thankfully. :D
What a gorgeous location! I love how you've captured it. So beautiful, Wendy!
Wendy said…
Thank you Eileen. About a week earlier, this area was water logged after a week of rain. The stream burst its banks and covered a good bit of what you see here.
eph2810 said…
Oh, I love snowdrops and the light at your locations is amazing. I haven't seen snowdrops (or Schneegloeckchen in German) since I left Germany. They were one of my favorites, because they were always the first sign of spring.
Wendy said…
I could see the light patches from up high on an old railway bridge. I have never ventured down to the stream before so it was a newly scouted location. Talking of spring on the way, hubby and myself spotted a couple of new born lambs a week ago. Didn't expect to see lambs so soon - they usually start to be born around March.