Traditionalist at heart

Loved how this little pocket of light lit up my favourite festive candle holder early this morning.  I'm a red, green and gold fan at Christmas and this candle holder fits the colour scheme perfectly.  

What are your favourite colours for decorating this Christmas?


Jill Wasiewicz said…
Aww how lovely Wendy and I love that pocket of light! I do love the traditional red, green and gold but this year we are going to do the tree up in antique rose pink and gold! I never normally put any effort into decoration so it's the one time of year I can go a bit wild :-) Do you have your tree up yet?!
Wendy said…
Put our tree t's a small tree which is easier to assemble and decorate than the larger one we have. Think it's been a few years since I took that particular tree out for Christmas. Antique rose and gold sounds lovely Jillian.