Serenity Project - December

⛄⛄⛄ "Wishing all my online friends near and far a very peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2018." ⛄⛄⛄

Welcome to December's Serenity Project. December has been a month fraught with howling gales, torrential rain and thunder storms. Add to this snow plus sub-zero temperatures and this describes our weather to-date this month. Anything but serene but I don't think we can expect anything different at this time of the year here in the NE of Scotland. 

On the day I captured this image, there was a break in the weather, so I headed outdoors for a walk in the fresh air. It was good to be outside enjoying nature's snow-covered canvas and it was so quiet outside as opposed to the weather of the past week. 

Next in the Serenity Circle is the very talented Metro Phoenix Photographer, Iris from Iris Nelson Photography.  Click here to view what Iris has to share this month then sit back and enjoy! 


What a beautiful and peaceful scene, Wendy!
Wendy said…
Thank you Eileen!
Nadeen said…
Such a lovely, peaceful scene. Sometimes I wish we had snow here. Sometimes. (wink)
eph2810 said…
Oh this is so pretty. I am sure you have already enough of it, but I haven't seen snow in person in over 30 years. I think that snow has such a peaceful feeling. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Wendy.
Wendy said…
I love the snow Nadeen, but not when you have to drive in it! Eek!
Wendy said…
Thank you Iris. I think in areas where snow is very likely each year, we take it for-granted. Snow is lovely, and especially at Christmas time because it adds to the festive atmosphere, but it can also bring so much chaos for travellers and those who have to venture out to work in it. I always keep that at the back of my mind. My father (when he was alive) used to work in the road's department and it was his job to keep the roads clear in an area stretching from a place called Glencoe as far away as Appin, Scotland. Often he would be straight back out to work after his dinner and not home again until 2am! Back then, we used to get snow drifts and it wasn't unknown for snow to reach depths of 3 feet in Glencoe and snow drifts of 12ft + in the glens.