Food photography - Mmmm loving it

Loving the food photography course I'm currently studying  and enjoying practising what I'm learning.  Truth be told, I've a ton of information still to study for this course, so I'm looking forward to practising more foodie images - especially in the lead up to Christmas!

Would ideally liked to have had some clotted cream in the taller bowl at the back with a small spoon plus some blueberries in the bowl at the front but I didn't have any blueberries or cream and was only practising for the light, composition and colours at this point.



Jill Wasiewicz said…
These are gorgeous Wendy, love the warm colours! Off to get something to eat after seeing these! :-)
Wendy said…
Thanks Jillian. Would have been good if I had blueberries and clotted cream for each of the bowls, but this was just a practice, so relying on your imagination, lol!