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Bon appetite

"Bon appetite!"

There's nothing like a steaming hot bowl of soup on a cold winter's day. Bon appetite!

The hunger for love

"The hunger for love is much more difficult to fill than the hunger for bread." -- Mother Teresa

What could be more luxurious....?

"What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a good book, and a cup of coffee?" -- Anthony Trollope

.... and on a cold, wet and windy winter's day like today, I tend to agree with the above!

Show me the way

"God I have put my trust in You. Show me the way I should go." - Psalm 143:8

Shepherd and his sheep


Milk and cookies (plus a few more)

Loving food photography and will definitely keep practising this genre more in future. Have included a few Images from my recent photography course which I loved.

Food photography - Mmmm loving it

Loving the food photography course I'm currently studying  and enjoying practising what I'm learning.  Truth be told, I've a ton of information still to study for this course, so I'm looking forward to practising more foodie images - especially in the lead up to Christmas!

Would ideally liked to have had some clotted cream in the taller bowl at the back with a small spoon plus some blueberries in the bowl at the front but I didn't have any blueberries or cream and was only practising for the light, composition and colours at this point.

Flat lay

Something a little different.

Made some pastry stars to top the stew for dinner last night.  Had some left over and thought I'd use them to make a flat lay for one of my current photography courses.  Never tried an over the spot shot before, but it could definitely become a favourite angle.

Christmas Eve Hamper

The countdown to Christmas is on and I've been noticing lots of 'Christmas Eve boxes' in the shops. This is not a box as such, but thought this woven basket looked nice and will do just the job!  Filling it with little treats, e.g. PJ's, socks, Yankee Christmas candles, Christmas CD's, etc.  Going to bake some gingerbread men closer to Christmas to pop inside as well. Love the idea!  Maybe even adopt it as a seasonal tradition.

Serenity Project - November 2017 - Aberdeenshire Photographer

Serenity Project - November
Welcome to this month's Serenity Project. The project provides an opportunity to view images which capture a little slice of tranquillity as seen through the eyes of the various photographers who make up the circle.

The image I want to share this month was captured a couple of days ago shortly before sunset. Double joy - golden hour and a rainbow!  After days of rain, hailstorms and strong winds, the appearance of a rainbow during Golden Hour was very serene and beautiful. By the time I ran to pick up my camera and head outdoors it started to rain again, so I'm glad I managed to capture this moment before it was all too soon gone.
Next in the Serenity circle is Eileen from Eileen Critchley Photography, San Antonio.  Please click here to follow the circle around and enjoy what Eileen has to share this month. You are in for a treat. Enjoy!



October threw a party

October threw a party; the leaves by hundreds came-- The chestnuts, oaks and maples, and leaves of every name; The sunshine spread a carpet and everything was grand,  Miss Weather led the dancing, Professor Wind the band.

The chestnuts came in yellow, the oaks in crimson dressed; The lovely Misses' Maple in scarlet looked their best; All balanced to their partners, and gaily fluttered by-- the sight was like a rainbow new fallen from the sky.
Then in the rustic hollow, hide-and-seek they played, The party closed at sundown, and everybody stayed;

Professor Wind played louder - they danced along the ground, and then the party ended in jolly "hands around." -- George Cooper

We've had a lot of wind and rain over the past few weeks, so when the sun finally came out yesterday afternoon, so did my camera! Captured these images late afternoon just before it started to get dark. Have wanted to capture the last warm, rich tones of autumn before the season fades into the cooler ton…