Somewhere on your journey

"Somewhere on your journey, don't forget to turn around and look at the view." -- Unknown


Jill Wasiewicz said…
Wow, love the impressionist feel of this Wendy! Gorgeous colours and composition and the processing just adds the final touch, wonderful! :-)
Wendy said…
Thank you Jillian! We were out for a drive on the other side of the shire when I captured this image. Hubby took a turning down through a hilly area where we'd never been before. It was really pretty. It was late afternoon and therefore the sun wasn't too high in the sky but enough to give some of the fields a lovely warm glow in places. Loved the lovely autumnal colours in the trees and wanted to capture the picture that was unfolding, so asked hubby to stop the car. I had to walk back up a hill to look back down over the view and because I wanted to capture the pretty lodge amongst the trees.

Added the painterly effect which gives the trees and bushes a feeling of movement like they are caught in the autumn wind / breeze.

This is one of my recent favourites because of the deep colours and tones.
Jill Wasiewicz said…
I agree Wendy, I love the rich, deep tones here! Also yes, the sense of movement the painterly editing gives the trees :-)