I'm closer than I was yesterday

"I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday." -- Jose N Harris

This is a path I walk along most days with Finlay. It's handy because its close to the house and I just clip on his lead and off we go.  Its a path which is frequently used by cyclists (like the one in the photo), runners, horse riders and people walking from one village to the next.

In recent days, the path  has been battered by high winds and heavy rain and the trees are starting to lose their leaves and become bare in places, but despite this, there seemed to be a certain charm about it yesterday.... or was it because I was looking at it from a different perspective?


Jill Wasiewicz said…
Again love the colours, composition and processing here and the lone cyclist really makes this image!
Wendy said…
Thank you Jillian! There was actually 2 cyclists, but one was hidden behind the cyclist you can see in the image.