Simple food

 "Good food is often the most simple food." -- Anthony Bordain

One of the things I love about this time of the year is coming home from a walk with the dog and tucking into a bowl of home made soup - can't beat it on a chilly autumn day.

Above: Butternut squash soup and served it with a couple of slices of crusty bread - delicious!  Followed my own recipe:


2 desert spoons margarine / butter (can use low-fat versions if desired)
3 pints hot water
2 Knorr chicken stock pots
2 large carrots peeled and finely chopped
4 medium onions peeled and finely chopped
1 large butternut squash peeled, de-seeded and chopped roughly the same size as the carrots
1/2 pt semi or full-fat milk
Salt and pepper (optional)
Coriander (optional)


Cook the onions in a large pot along with the butter / margarine until soft and golden.  Add the carrots, butternut squash, hot water and Knorr chicken stock pots and stir well.  Turn up the heat and let the ingredients cook for 20 minutes (stirring regularly).  Reduce the heat by half and continue to stir regularly.  Cook until the vegetables are really soft.  Turn off the heat and blend the soup until it's a fine consistency.  Once blended, add the milk and stir well.  Re-heat for a few minutes and serve with a garnish of coriander (if desired) plus buttered crusty bread.  Enjoy!

P.s. I didn't add any salt or pepper to this soup because I didn't think it needed it, so perhaps cook the soup first and then add salt and pepper at the end if you think it needs it. This is a medium thick soup, so you could also add a medium-sized potato to the ingredients when cooking to give it a thicker consistency if you enjoy a really hearty soup. 


Jill Wasiewicz said...

Maybe 'simple food' but you make it look so good Wendy! Gorgeous image. I'm going to try the soup recipe, thanks for sharing that! I'm really getting ready for autumn now :-)

Wendy said...

I hope you enjoy it Jillian! This was the first time I made this soup. Had some yesterday and today. I think you could freeze it too, but I wouldn't add the milk until after its defrosted again.