2 September 2017


"Then all of a sudden, summer collapsed into fall." -- Oscar Wilde

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Jill Wasiewicz said...

Love the golden light in both of these Wendy! Also, I love the golden landscape - is that barley which has been cut and the rest bailed? Beautifully framed!

Wendy said...

Thanks Jillian! The light was amazing last night - the warmest I've seen it in ages. Loved how the window reflection framed the heart hanging up in our porch and had to capture it.

The other image was taken outside looking across one of the fields - we have fields around us (almost 360 degrees). Yes, think this harvest is barley. The farmers have been working hard cutting it with their combine harvesters and bailing a lot of it as well. Stock heads were flying everywhere in the wind yesterday and I had to close the windows because they were blowing inside with the wind - one of the joys of country living!

Jill Wasiewicz said...

How wonderful to have such great views! We have some barley nearby but they cut it in June, before the summer heat kills it I guess :-)

Wendy said...

The farmers were really busy last week cutting it and baling it before the heavy rain came in at the weekend. It's been raining every day since!!!

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