Dirt road prayer


"And so I go where the green grass grows, 
the weeds are high and the sun hangs low.  
Look to the sky and I say "help" like the very first time.  
It doesn't matter how long its been, 
I can talk to God like he's my best friend.  
Take my heart lay it down again right there, 
in a dirt road prayer."  -- Lauren Alaina


Jill Wasiewicz said...

Wow, this is beautiful Wendy! It does make me want to take a walk down this road and see where it leads to!

Wendy said...

Thanks Jillian! I'm always fascinated by the light and shadows cast under large tree canopies and you find this sort of thing all over the shire here. The image was taken from inside a moving car (hubby was driving of course)! lol ;)