What do you see?

"Some people see a weed.... some people see a flower."  -- Kiera Cass


"Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends in a tail." -- Anon

Photographed this little 'furry friend' this afternoon whilst out photographing for my Project 365. He was such a happy chappie and I couldn't resist asking his owner if I could photograph him. Cute or what?

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The strongest people

"The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about." -- Notey.com

The weather seemed fine

The weather seemed fine when we set off for a walk this evening, but within 10 minutes it started to rain! Didn't get wet thankfully as we managed to find shelter under some trees until the rain stopped.

The sunrise doesn't care

"The sunrise doesn't care if we watch it or not.  It will keep on being beautiful, even if no-one bothers to look at it." -- Gene Arnole


The History and Legend of the Scottish Thistle

One of the best-known thistle legends takes place in the mid 13th century during a surprise invasion by the soldiers of the Norse king, Haakon, at Largs (one of western Scotland's coastal towns).

Between summer and autumn

"This strangely still pause between summer and autumn, greenery and gold, and the heat and rising wind that is once again readying itself to rush it all away in a climatic symphony of colour and scent is - in my opinion, one of the best parts of being on earth." -- Victoria Erickson


 "Dogs come into our lives 
to teach us about love,
They depart from our lives 
to teach us about loss.
A new dog never replaces an old dog
It merely expands the heart;
If you have had many dogs
You have a BIG heart." -- Anon

Serenity Project - August 2017

a lover of rain. 
Someone who finds joy and
peace of mind on rainy days.

On a wet evening, I love nothing better than being cosy indoors listening to the sound of the rain trickling down the windows and gurgling through the drainpipes.  In the morning, the smell of freshly washed foliage outside is heavenly and the sight of the raindrops glistening in the morning sunshine is so beautiful.

Thought I would share an 'after the rain' image in this month's Serenity Project - a collaborative project which provides the opportunity to view 'serenity' images captured through the eyes of various photographers during the course of the month. The genres which the group share vary and may include landscapes, still life, portraits, macro, etc.

Next in the serenity circle is Mabel from Mabel Chow Photographs. Please click here to follow the circle around and enjoy what Mabel and the girls have to share this month. Can't wait to view their images.

A dog will.... change everything!

"If you're lucky, a dog will come into your life, steal your heart.... and change everything." -- Anon


"At first glance, it may appear too hard.  Look again.... always look again." -- Vision Quotes

Aberdeenshire has literally hundreds of beautiful steading conversions dotted around its countryside, but they weren't always so beautiful and charming - rather they looked more like the one above, i.e. old, tired and beginning to fall down!

Love looking at the possibilities which exist; also admiring similar buildings which have already been transformed and sometimes wonder "would we do it again?" 

When I moved to the country....

"When I moved to the country, I felt as if I could finally exhale that little bit of breath I'd been unconsciously holding in my lungs. Time is not so relentless when it is possible to watch the sun make an uninhibited arc across the day, when the stars take up more of the night's space than the darkness, when a footprint lives for days in its moist soil bed, when the only motor to be heard is the occasional tractor several miles away." -- Cecily Schmidt, "Common Threads (Wild Child).  

Tangled web

Spotted these spider webs whilst walking Finn shortly before 7am this morning. After taking the pup home, I picked up my camera and headed back outdoors for 10 minutes to capture a few images before these delicate little webs disappear at the first breath of a wind.

This little spider was right in the middle of her web. Didn't spot her at first until I looked a little closer. Ahhhhh! Didn't get too close as not exactly overly fond of spiders! Eeeek!

"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." -- Walter Scott

Allow yourself to grow

"Like wild flowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would." -- Erin Van Vuren


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