A flower does not compete....


Taking a break for a couple of weeks and hope to be back posting in February (that's the plan) 😁. Have a busy time coming up between now and then and going to have to concentrate on such for the next few weeks. For now, I'm accepting that my Project 365 is going to take a little longer than first anticipated.

If you are undertaking a 365, don't give yourself a hard time or feel like you failed if you miss a few days or longer due to circumstances or lack of time. Such happens to us all and it's called "life!"  You can pick the project up again as soon as time affords and catch up.  You may decide to take 365 photos overall but without a time limit (something I'm currently doing).  However, it is best to try and shoot images every day whenever possible to get the most out of such a project. 

A few tips

  • If you are able to shoot daily but just don't have the time to edit, you could perhaps batch edit your images at the end of the week / fortnight / month. Once edited, you could upload your images to your blog and set your blog posts to automatically publish daily. 

  • If you normally shoot in RAW, you could try shooting in jpeg format and upload SOOC to your blog which also saves time.  I'm a RAW shooter most of the time and the first option is probably going to be the best one for me, but experiment and find out what works best for you.

Just remember, to successfully complete this project, you have to realise that the 365 is not a competition - rather it's about improving your photography skills. So don't be discouraged when you notice other photographers online who post to their 365 every single day without fail.  It doesn't mean they are super men/women - it just means they have found a method or mixture of methods that works well for them.  Find a method that suits YOU and roll with it! Cut yourself some slack when you miss a day or two (or more) - it's not the end of the world!  I'm still experimenting to find what method/s best suit me. Once you find your way, you too will be posting regularly and will come in on time at the end (or close to it). I'm hoping so too!  👍 

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