7 January 2017

A flower does not compete....


Taking a break for a couple of weeks and hope to be back posting in February (that's the plan) 😁. Have a busy time coming up between now and then and going to have to concentrate on such for the next few weeks. For now, I'm accepting that my Project 365 is going to take a little longer than first anticipated.

If you are undertaking a 365, don't give yourself a hard time or feel like you failed if you miss a few days or longer due to circumstances or lack of time. Such happens to us all and it's called "life!"  You can pick the project up again as soon as time affords and catch up.  You may decide to take 365 photos overall but without a time limit (something I'm currently doing).  However, it is best to try and shoot images every day whenever possible to get the most out of such a project. 

6 January 2017

A valuable lesson when photographing children


The session was over but I didn't pack up straight away. I noticed this little one playing happily whilst her mum and gran stood and chatted nearby. At one point the little girl picked up this cat mask and in the moment, I asked her to look up at the camera. As she lifted her head, I pressed the shutter and recorded this image which has become one of my all-time favourite black and white portraits. It has also received the following Viewbug Awards:

Featured - September 2017
Featured - October 2016
Staff Favorite Viewbug - March 2016
Winner in Mystical Children Photo Challenge - May 2015

This image taught me a really valuable lesson that day:

Never pack your camera away immediately after a session is over.  Rather wait for perhaps 10 - 15 minutes and quietly observe the child/ren for any unexpected or candid moments which may unfold whilst they are happily doing their "own" thing. Such times often provide an opportunity to capture the true spirit of the child and for just a few extra moments, may produce something truly unique and special.

5 January 2017

3 January 2017

Look up at the stars

"So remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet.... be curious no matter how difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.  It matters that you don't just give up." - Stephen Hawking

2 January 2017

Egg basket

Been stuck indoors for the past few days with a lousy head cold!  Thank goodness for my camera.... sanity!

The dreaded winter cold

Just the thing to cheer me up when I'm feeling under the weather.... a bunch of my favourite flowers (although only one captured here).
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