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Happy New Year 2017

Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year 2017


Above: Crop factor 7 x 5.  This is one of those times when I'm going to break the rules.... but can you guess which photography rule I'm breaking?



Scotstown Beach in Winter

"By the coast, life isn't different.  Time doesn't move hour to hour, but rather mood to moment...." - Anon

Wanted - Scarecrow: long hours and lots of standing around

"This job isn't for everyone, but hay.... it's in my jeans!" - Elizabeth Dunford

Serenity Project - December 2016 - Collaborative Project

Welcome to our collaborative blog circle where the topic is “Serenity.”  We are all different, and so too is our work and style.  The genres which the group share each month vary and may include landscapes, still life, portraits, macro, etc.... simple moments where we have individually found calm at some time during the month.

This month I've craved serenity more than at any other time this year! It's been a month which includes all the busyness of preparing for Christmas whilst at the same time preparing to move to our new home. As you can imagine, it's been good to step aside from all the preparations in-between times to re-charge and soak up a little peace and calm.... a must need to restore sanity in the midst of all the activity!

Next in the circle is the very talented Nadeen from Nadeen Flynn Photography. Please click here to view Nadeen's serenity moments this month and enjoy following the circle around.

Blue jeans

"In the right jeans, a girl can conquer the world." - WE fashion

Grouping images and colour co-ordination

Stuck for inspiration? Try shooting a set of photos with a specific colour theme in mind. A few colour palette examples:
Red, gold and orangeBlue and greenBlack and blueBlack and white
You may wish to use one specific colour and collate your images around that, or you may choose to include other colours in your images also.  Just as long as your main choice of colour/s is obvious, including other colours into your set will work also.  

Red, gold and orange theme

Green colour theme

Seasonal theme, e.g. autumn theme


"When all else fails, eat cake!".... and she did! πŸ˜‹

The cutest little tiny tears

The cutest little tiny tearsπŸ’• {heart melt}

Anyone for cupcake?


Dirty feet



Just add turkey!