Serenity Project - November 2016 - Collaborative Project

"Sometimes you just need to pause.... breathe.... and live for the moment." - lovethispic

Welcome to November's Serenity Project. Seems like yesterday I was keying October's project and can hardly believe another month has come around again since then!  Time passes so quickly and the older I get, the more I realise the importance of taking time to pause every now and then to appreciate the people and blessings in life whether in thought or deed. When I lose sight of these things or take them for-granted, I become disgruntled and life seems anything but serene!  Somehow being grateful [or not being grateful] seems to affect my peace. 
 "Gratitude transforms ordinary days into thanksgiving, routine jobs into joy, and changes ordinary jobs into blessings." - William A Ward.

Next in the serenity circle this month is the very talented Susan from Susan Bahen Photography.  Love viewing Susan's work and I know you will too.  Please click here to enjoy some very beautiful serenity moments as captured through her lens this month.


Jill Wasiewicz said…
Wonderful image, great use of depth of field here and a timely reminder to stop and pause for breath now and again :-) Thanks for sharing this with us Wendy!
Nadeen said…
So very well done!
Yes, yes and yes! A pause button should be a daily requirement.
My pause button gets stuck sometimes Kathleen! But yes, a daily pause button would be good to remember, lol ;)
Jennifer Carr said…
Such an important message, Wendy <3
One I need to remind myself of Jennifer!