3 November 2016

6 ways to build confidence as a photographer

1. Embrace who you are as a photographer and realise that your work is unique and special to you. You may find that you are drawn to a certain type of photographers' work and even attempt to emulate their style (which is how most photographers learn), but there is always going to be a part of you that comes through in your images that says "YOU!" So don't be disappointed if your work doesn't look exactly like your favourite photographer - you have not read the same books, attended the same workshops or online courses, and nor have you had the same life experiences with all your personal likes / dislikes, etc., so little wonder your work is never going to be exactly the same.

I personally love light, bright and pastel-style photography, but my own shooting style does not suit such being deeper in tones and shadows. Once I accepted my work would never be light and airy (only took me two years!!!), I finally felt liberated to develop my own personal photography style.  I really can't stress this enough, "embrace who YOU are as a photographer and realise that YOUR WORK IS UNIQUE AND SPECIAL TO YOU!" Once you accept this, you will give yourself permission to develop and enjoy your own style which is what differentiates you from the crowd!  

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