7 good reasons to try Project 365

I would love to complete my very own Project 365 and have all the images printed off in a book afterwards so that I can look back and evidence my photography journey and progress - ha, I hope there will be progress, lol!  Certainly enjoying working towards this end, but know this project won't be complete in 365 days because life sometimes gets in the way!  Not stressing however - just keeping on keeping on and enjoying the journey.

7 good reasons to try Project 365

Project 365 encourages you to:

  • focus on what's important and to consider whether you just want people to "like" your photographs or whether you want to "make" good photographs - neither of which are necessarily the same!
  • slow down and develop patience by taking the time to observe and soak in the details re: the world around you. 
  • become more creative re: the images you produce.
  • look for beauty in the mundane!  Seriously, you will begin to 'notice' beauty in lots of unexpected places once you start looking. 
  • develop perseverance. Sounds easy shooting one image per day, but it's totally different when you actually try it!  You will need to learn to draw on all the motivation you can muster some days.... and imagination!
  • increase your knowledge re: lighting, composition, subject, different photography genres as well as equipment, etc.
  • enjoy a real sense of personal achievement and satisfaction both during and after completing the project. 

To view my project so far - please click here.  To view a flickr collaborative Project 365 for lots of ideas and inspiration, please click here.


Ann said...

Fab idea if you're a photographer or even if you like to take photos on an iphone.

Wendy @ Wendy May Photography said...

Totally agree Ann!

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