Serenity Project - August 2016 - Collaborative Project

Love these puffy white clouds. Could lie back for hours watching them float across the sky and change shape.... so calm and relaxing!
Swan sygnet swimming on Pitfour Lake, Aberdeenshire
Have witnessed some pretty amazing nature moments this month including four feral kittens, plus lots of baby rabbits playing happily in the back garden!  This morning we had a visit from two beautiful young roe deer making their way towards the surrounding fields, but not before exploring the garden first.  Must be something about the garden, lol!  Wanted to share a few more tranquil moments through the images above which are part of the Serenity Project - a collaborative circle where photographers from different parts of the world share scenes of serenity they have each captured during the course of the month.  To follow the circle around, please click here to visit the very talented Nina from Nina Mingioni Photography.... then sit back and enjoy the beauty of serenity through her eyes this month!


C.Clark said…
Lovely photos, keep it up. X
eph2810 said…
Beautiful. I too like puffy clouds.
Nadeen said…
So peaceful. Just beautiful!
Unknown said…
I could watch the clouds all day too!
Jennifer Carr said…
The colors are so soothing. Beautiful job!

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