Pitfour Lake, Aberdeenshire

Love to walk around the very peaceful Pitfour Lake and today was no exception. Took my camera hoping to capture this fisherman and was chuffed when I noticed he was out in his boat on the lake.

Off for a swim....
Fisherman casting his line on the lake


Ann said…
Looks such a lovely spot.
Angela Keanan said…
Pitfour Lake is beautiful. Been a couple of times with the dogs for a walk and love it.
Jill Wasiewicz said…
Looks beautiful and love your shots of it! Different to your other images in terms of light - glad you got some sun! - but still recognisable as your work. I think you did justice to what looks like an amazing, peaceful spot!
It is a lovely place to walk your dogs Angela! Bet they love it too :)
Thank you Jillian! I'm enjoying shooting under different light since my course.