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Welcome to Wendy May Photography.

A few things about me

I'm a hobbyist photographer living in the NE of Scotland. Since I was a child, I have enjoyed creative hobbies. Our kitchen table was often covered in colouring pens, paper, glitter and glue, etc with me happily in the middle of it all creating childhood 'masterpieces' 😉

"All children are artists. The problem is how they remain an artist when they grow up?" - Picasso
As I grew older, I started to experiment with card making and paper scrap booking. Some of my card designs have been featured in card making magazines such as 'Docrafts', 'Card Making and Papercraft' plus a few other well-known paper craft magazines.

Before long, my love for paper crafts evolved into the world of 'digital' scrap-booking and card making. As it did, my curiosity for digital photography grew also.

Going Digital

Fast forward a few years (plus a good sprinkling of photography workshops mixed with hours of study …

Time for Prints (TFP)

From time-to-time I advertise Time for Prints (TFP) on my Facebook page.  TFP is something I offer when I am wishing to practise new portraiture skills. I personally cover the costs of your TFP session and digital prints on these occasions, but you would be required to provide your own travel to and from your chosen venue.
My TFP sessions are targeted towards the specific age group / genre, that I am wishing to practise within at the time of posting on Facebook so please do not contact me unless you fit the particular advertisement requirements - appreciated
Also, I am not taking photography sessions in addition to my TFP offers - sorry! Whilst people offer to pay for such, I am not a professional photographer in the respect that I am not set up in business and have never worked out costs / overheads, etc and therefore wouldn't want to over-charge you any more than I'd want to under-cut myself which I'm sure you will appreciate.
Sometimes I'm asked "Why do you offe…