Serenity Circle - February 2019

Welcome to February's Serenity Circle - a collaborative group of photographers sharing images reflecting peace and calm.

I bring a mixed bag to the table this month from both indoors and outdoors.  The first couple of images were captured along at the local park.  The park was busy on this occasion, so I headed to a quieter area where I could practise using my Sol 45 without being too conspicuous.  The third image was captured indoors and is one of my favourite photography genres, i.e. still life.

I also found serenity practising macro and close-up photography this past week.  I'm hoping to take a macro workshop by Tiffany Kelly some time in the future to learn more about this subject.  Workshops are great and I love the fact that you can work away at your own pace and in your own spare time.

Below are a few samples of my latest macro images (with subtle textures added).  They were inspired after reading a book called "Insights from the Creative Path" by Robert Rodriguez Jr.  The book is not a technical "how to" type of book; rather the author shares personal lessons he's learnt over the years as a landscape and nature photographer.  He includes lots of useful thoughts and gems which encourage you to dig deep and discover your own passion and personal vision as a photographer.  I seriously love this book!

"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Next in the circle is Kristen Ryan, Landscape and Fine Art Photographer.  Kristen breathes the most amazing atmosphere and soul into her images and I know you are going to enjoy visiting her page: Serenity Seascapes.