Serenity Project - August 2018 - Collaborative Project

Welcome to this month's Serenity Circle.  On the third Wednesday of each month, a group of multi-genre photographers - some professional and others hobbyists - come together to make up the Serenity Circle.  We post in keeping with the theme of serenity and what such has looked and felt like to each of us individually during the course of the month. 

This past month, I've been learning how to use the Helios 44-2 f/2 lens - an 1960's Russian-made manual portrait lens.  The Helios works well for still life as well as portraiture and today it's enjoyed by many fine art photographers around the world.  I've been engrossed learning how to use this small vintage lens and love the effect which can be achieved using it. Some say it is similar to the Lensababy Velvet 56 and I would have to agree.  It's definitely my type of lens and perfect for creating old-worldly images which I find myself drawn to.

It doesn't take much to create a little space for peace and tranquillity around here! I use a 3 ft x 3 ft portable table which is set up close to a north-facing window, and that's my "little slice of happy" spot.  My computer space isn't much larger!

Next in the Serenity Circle this month is Tiffany from Tiffany Kelly Photography.  Tiffany is a multi-genre photographer and is well known for her stunning macro photography which she teaches online.  Please here to see what Tiffany has to share with the circle and to meet the rest of the team this month.

Coming up next week on the blog - Textures - 'Before' and 'After' images.  Your chance to view a selection of original images and what they look like once texture/s is added.