Hubby took me to visit a few of the places my parents took my sister and myself for days out when we were children recently. One of those places was Glencoe. 

As a child, I loved visiting Glencoe - especially in winter.  Used to watch the skiers heading up the mountain on the ski tow and watch the tiny 'dots' trickle back down the fresh snow.  Tried my hand at skiing as a teenager, but it wasn't for me!  I remember being carted off the mountain on a stretcher after falling and pulling the ligaments in both legs!  Ice skating was more my thing. 

I saw my first aurora travelling home through Glencoe some 20 odd years ago.  It was so beautiful and mesmerising shimmering across a beautiful autumn sky.  Can't believe the number of years that have passed in-between times - they have just flown past.  After mum's recent passing, it seems very surreal to suddenly become 'the older generation' of the family now.  

Miss hearing mum's voice on the other end of the phone.  She was so happy the last time I heard her. Its strange, but she didn't have any pain those last three days - a total contrast to months of suffering as a result of diabetes complications previously.  There was also a real peace around her voice - really tangible and beautiful. I experienced this peace with her when I heard her voice that last time over the phone and I will always remember this and cherish the memory.

I just wish I could have said "goodbye" before she left us - so many things I wanted to tell her. 

"Love and miss you mum but take comfort knowing you are in the most wonderful place. It doesn't quench the miss however.  That will take time to adjust to, but we'll be okay.  xxx"

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